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“Be proud and respect of being Japanese”. ”Keep that in your mind, and always look up.”

I developed this faith by communicating with the people in my class. They are from all different ages and all genders, from all over Japan and even from other countries.

As a Japanese, there are some words touching your heart.

As a Japanese, you can be thoughtful to others.

As a Japanese, you have very unique point of view.

As a Japanese, you express things differently and uniquely.

As a Japanese, you can consider others and imagine the best way for everyone.

This unique Japanese way of thinking comes from its culture, and the culture is developed by continuous people’s communication for thousands of years. That’s why we should proud this because it’s our legacy.   

If the people in the world try to think and respect about others just a little more, if everyone of us feel thankful for what you have now, I definitely believe that we can make the better and fairer world.

I want to be a part of it, “making a better world”, by introducing Japanese culture and the spirit hidden behind it to people in the world.

Les Misera Culture School is introducing the way to use Chopsticks -HASHI-, Japanese wrapping clothes -FUROSHIKI- and Hand writings -ONORE SHO-. More importantly, we are introducing the spirits hidden behind them, which is being thoughtful and respect other people, things around you, your behavior. Those spirits are our legacy coming from thousands of years in our history.

You can build warmly spirits by really understanding the use of those tools and the spirits behind them.

Our goal is sharing this beautiful Japanese culture and cultivating the spirit of thankful and respect to everyone in the world.



Les Misera Culture School offers classes related with the Japanese Culture.  You can enjoy not only techniques of Chopsticks -HASHI-, Japanese wrapping clothes -FUROSHIKI- and Hand writings -ONORE SHO-, but also Japanese compassions and sprits though our classes.

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